Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19

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Value Analysis Value Engineering

VAVE Software is used for Manage and Track VAVE Filled by Suppliers, also Suppliers Target is managed.

Features :

 Accepting VAVE Filled by Suppliers.

 In this software VAVE Travel through multiple users namely as follows :

 User at every level verifies VAVE filled and forwarded by Supplier and Accepts or Rejects as per the condition.

 When supplier send VAVE to SDO, if SDO accept it then its value is subtracted from target otherwise not, and for next users
no matter VAVE is accepted or rejected, it is included in target already.

 When particular user verifies VAVE, he is allowed to give comments and attach files related with comments for particular VAVE.

 Each user can see VAVE summary on his home page, separated as sent, received, returned and many more…

 Various reports as

  Pending (VAVE) With SDO (Supplier Development Officer).

  Pending (VAVE) With Buyer.

  Pending (VAVE) With Engineering.

  Pending With Director.

  Approved VAVE.

  Rejected VAVE.

  Supplier Wise Target Details.

  VAVE Track Report.