Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19

Online Solutions


Software use to plan the new product development and delivery scheduled

Features :

 Tracking of each and every product enquiry with specification of all the parameter details

 Detail Product Entry .

 Sales entry with reference to new product enquiry.

 Partitioning of Product Enquiry into 4 different types according to product requirement.

 Moving Product Enquiry between various departments for verification.

 Each user has different view of system based on task to be performed by user.

 User of one department can only view the remark and data provided by users of other department.

 Various files such as BOM, VSK can be attached and viewed by corresponding users .

 Auto mail sending to department head as PA moves from one department to other.

 Various departments have rights to accept or reject PA according to its feasibility.

 Generates Delivery schedule for feasible PA.

 Various Login Controls for security console.

 Auto Backup Facility.

 Easy to access from anywhere in network.

 Various reports as

  Status wise PA (Product Anfrag/Enquiry) report.

  Period wise PA Report.

  Rejected PA report.

  Closed PA Details Report.

  Cancelled PA report.

  View PA report.

  PA flow Details Report.

  Gantt Chart.

  And many more....