Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19

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Knowledge Management System

Knowledge Management System(KMS) is software that manages a range of practices and techniques used by organizations to identify, represent and distribute knowledge, know-how, expertise, intellectual capital and other forms of knowledge for leverage, reuse and transfer of knowledge and learning across the organization.

Features :

 Keeps track of new innovative ideas that are generating in employees mind.

 Keeps track of various departmental documents that are use for quality management.

 Facility to generate kaizen that is useful for improvement of existing process.

 Auto mail sending utility to organizational structure on new updates in KM.

 Validation and authentication on each entry forms using user rights for each user.

 Lessons learn traceability from existing problem.

 Calibration System.

 Another important feature is that it keeps tracking calibration of all instruments.

 Various reports as

  Datewise instrument calibration reports.

  Instrument due calibration reports.