Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19


Facility Management System

Maintain track of all available assets and get use of all in efficient manner will all the related complaints or issue to keep system updated

Features :

 Maintain details of all assets and their sub categories.

 Device wise asset details including warranty and AMC details.

 All Employee details.

 Employee wise Asset allocation and approval

 Employee wise Asset de-allocation.

 Spares Inward Entry.

 Raw spare allocation to asset.

 Scrap Entry.

 Problem definition Master and assign Engineers.

 Call Log Entry for Employee complaints.

 Date wise calls history tracking.

 Employee feedback registration.

 Auto E-Mail sending during call log and call resolve process.

 Employee Hardware and Software request registration.

 Tracking of Employee requests and approvals.

 Users Creation and their Rights.

 Various reports as

  Total Assets Report.

  Sub Category, Device and Location Wise Asset Report.

  Make and Vendor Wise Asset Report.

  Date Wise Warranty and AMC Expiry Report.

  Engineer and Period Wise Call Log Report.

  Asset and Problem Category Wise Call Log Report.

  Call Log No. Wise History Track Report.

  Period Wise Employee Feedback Report.

  Raw and Complete Spares Report.

  Raw and Complete Scrap Report.

  Asset Allocation Report.

  Asset De-Allocation Report.

  Department and Location Wise Employee Report.